ImageView Software

Our newest clinical acquisition software platform designed to support advanced applications and take your productivity and patient care to the next level. Now available on all of our DR Systems and our OnSight 3D Extremity System. Soon it will be offered with additional products.




Not available in all countries.  Contact your local Carestream representative to learn more.

  • Features/Options


The Eclipse engine supports advanced applications and provides the power for an entire suite of image processing options.

Image Processing Features.*

EVP Plus
Supercharge processing productivity with Enhanced Visualization Processing (EVP) Plus. EVP Plus image processing supports multiband frequency processing to provide better noise control, sharpness, contrast and density while minimizing artifacts.

Tube and Line Visualization
Be sure with a single exposure. With this feature, a companion image is created from the original exposure, with optimized processing for clearer, easier visualization of PICC lines and tubes. It increases confidence that tubes and lines are placed correctly – and remain in position.

Pneumothorax Visualization
Save time with software that creates a companion image from the original exposure that is optimized to accentuate the appearance of free air in the chest cavity.

Bone Suppression
This tool is designed to create a companion image that suppresses the appearance of bone and enhances the visualization of soft tissue, to increase clinical confidence of pathology assessments. This option also requires no additional exposure to the patient.

Grid Detection and Suppression      
Get a clearer view. This option provides improved image quality through automatic detection and suppression of gridline artifacts. Smart Grid

SmartGrid processing provides image quality comparable to images
acquired with an anti-scatter grid at a reduced patient dose in bedside chest imaging. The benefits of grid-like image quality without the use of an anti-scatter grid can lead to improved workflow and ease of imaging for radiographers.

Quality Enhancement Features*

Administrative Analysis and Reporting Option 
ImageView helps improve your department’s performance with advanced analysis and reporting. It provides a single source for viewing all performance metrics from your imaging systems. This digital dashboard allows you to analyze results and develop improvement plans.

Total Quality Tool 
Keep work flowing. Now the same interface can be used for patient exams and objective quality-control image tests. With the Total Quality Tool package – software, phantom and carrying case – you can perform these tests when it’s convenient for you, without interrupting workflow or incurring the cost of third-party testing.

Pediatric Image Optimization and Enhancement Software 
Acquire default acquisition techniques and image-processing parameters optimized specifically for each patient's body size, from the smallest neonatal patient to the largest adolescent. The seven-band multi-frequency processing delivers improved noise suppression and enhances details for more productive pediatric exams.

*Contact your sales representative for the standard and optional features on specific Carestream products.


Workflow Enhancement Features*

Carestream products support DICOM interoperation and comply with IHE standards to address specific clinical needs and support optimal patient care.

Tech Assist with Chest QA 
Users receive notification when the Contrast Noise Ratio or Exposure Index is outside preset target ranges. This feature also outlines areas where the chest anatomy may have been collimated.

Auto Long-Length Imaging 
Capture a wide range of vertebral and long-bone images with your patient in an upright or supine position. Plus, the system automatically aligns, captures and stitches the images for fast and convenient imaging, enhancing patient care.

Repeat Image 
This feature automatically creates a duplicate view with the same technique and grid settings to quickly repeat an exposure.

IHE Scheduled Workflow 
ImageView Software saves time and boosts productivity by automatically notifying your HIS/RIS of exam status.

DICOM Modality Worklist 
Facilitates automatic transfer of patient and procedure data to your HIS/RIS system, eliminating manual data entry, and increasing technologist productivity.

Procedure Mapping 
Extra keystrokes add up to wasted time. Pre-configured and dynamic RIS procedure-mapping speeds data entry and workflow. Exam Tutor gives radiographers the flexibility to acquire images in any sequence.

Remote Patient Data Entry 
Patients are your first priority. Let radiographers dedicate more time to them, by making data entry an office-based PC task. Reduces overall radiographer workload, too.

Advanced Trauma Capability 
Work faster when every second counts. Gain immediate access to patient records and depend on predefined exam/procedure codes to speed workflow in trauma cases – and get patients to treatment faster.

IHE Dose Reporting 
Collects and distributes comprehensive dose information to PACS – including DAP values, techniques and exposures indices.

Chest Image Auto Correct 
Save time with software that will automatically display chest images in the proper orientation.

Prior Image Review 
Retrieve and review images from PACS and copy technique to the current exam.

Advanced Applications

Dual Energy
This option uses patented differential filtration to subtract rapidly acquired low and high energy acquisitions for the generation of bone and soft tissue images. This allows for improved detection sensitivity for abnormalities in the lung and also improved assessment at the entrance exposure of a standard PA chest X-ray.

Digital Tomosynthesis
This option provides the capability of separating overlapping structures similar to a standard CT exam, but at a much lower dose. In addition, this provides depth location while improving the contrast visualization of local structures by removing over and underlying anatomy in comparison to conventional radiography.

Security and Convenience

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and other built-in “Secure by Design” elements such as intrusion protection and prevention make ImageView Carestream’s most secure medical device software.
  • Domain Authentication provides centralized user administration using site standards for security. This controls user identities and access with Single-Sign-On.